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Dental Malpractice

If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of a dentist or oral surgeon, Kruse Law is the firm best qualified in St. Louis to take your case. Many law firms don’t take on dental cases under the perception that they’re too hard to win, that they aren’t as important as other medical malpractice cases, and that settlements are difficult to obtain. We do not see dental negligence cases this way; we believe that people harmed by the negligence of dental providers deserve justice as much as anyone harmed in any medical malpractice case. We’ve been very successful at these cases; Kruse Law’s attorneys have mastered this specific area of the law and achieved great results for our clients.

Kruse Law’s attorneys are very experienced at identifying negligence issues in dental malpractice cases, anticipating and responding to defense’s legal arguments, valuing dental malpractice cases, and negotiating with insurance companies regarding dental malpractice cases. Kruse Law works with many qualified dental and medical experts to support you in your case as well. Call Kruse Law for a free consultation and review of your case today.


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