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Managing Your Case

Your Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation, or Medical Malpractice Claim
There are at least three ways to handle an injury case. You can handle it yourself and deal directly with the insurance company, employer or medical provider.  You can hire an attorney to negotiate a personal injury settlement with the insurance company, or you can hire a law firm and go forward with a personal injury lawsuit.

Following an accident or injury, insurance companies immediately begin their investigation and will gather documents, pictures, and statements from all persons involved with an eye toward minimizing or eliminating any claims. This begins before most injured victims have taken steps to protect themselves.

If you have been injured in an accident, on the job, or by the malpractice of a doctor or dentist, it is crucial that you seek legal counsel as quickly as possible. Because insurance companies have their own legal team, you should level the playing field by getting help from an experienced law firm such as Kruse & O’Hanlon, LLC. Even before your injuries are fully known and treated, getting legal counsel immediately allows us to assist you with the preservation and gathering of evidence, with handling immediate financial obligations, and we can prevent the insurance adjusters and other parties from contacting you.

Protecting Your Business Interests 
Whether you are the sole proprietor of a small business or the executive for a sizeable corporation, you may need to enforce your contractual rights against another person or business. While we have a long track record of success in litigating for Missouri businesses, we can employ a number of tactics to coerce a breaching party to honor their contractual obligations before formally filing suit. We work closely with business owners and managers to evaluate legal options with an eye to costs versus benefits, from initial contact through litigation and collections.

Estate Planning
Although the vast majority of Missourians agree that planning for one’s death or incapacity is very important, an even greater majority never take steps to provide for their loved ones with even a basic estate plan. Whether you would be best served by a will, a living will or trust, springing or durable powers of attorney, a beneficiary deed for real property, or other planning methods, we can set up your estate plan in a practical and cost-effective manner that serves your wishes and protects your loved ones.

Our firm has earned an A.V. Peer Review Rating from Martindale-Hubbell, which is the highest rating a law firm can achieve and shows our firm “has reached the height of professional excellence, skill and integrity.” To speak with a qualified attorney who can evaluate your case free of charge and offer information and guidance about your legal interests in the Saint Louis area, contact Kruse & O’Hanlon, LLC.


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