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Truck Accident Lawyers in Chesterfield, Missouri 

Kruse Law are truck accident lawyers in Chesterfield, Missouri who represent the rights of those who have been injured. Our attorneys understand the laws that regulate truck companies and drivers, and our lawyers work hard to protect the rights of victims when truck companies and drivers break the law. Truck accidents can result in far more serious injuries than car crashes. Trucks carry far more weight, so when they collide with passenger vehicles, they can cause more damage. Truck companies are also required to abide by strict laws when it comes to running their businesses. When truck companies cut corners to increase profits, innocent drivers on the road can get hurt.

Kruse Law are truck accident lawyers in Chesterfield, Missouri, who understand the unique challenges that truck crash victims face. You and your family may be facing serious injuries, may wonder how you can make a claim, and may be facing challenges as you navigate the insurance claim process. You may be facing high medical costs due to your injuries, may be suffering from lost wages due to missed time from work, and may be suffering from pain as a result of your crash. Truck companies are required to have high-limit insurance policies to compensate victims who have been seriously injured in crashes. However, when victims and their families make big claims, insurance companies sometimes fight to keep their liability as low as possible, which may mean that some families may face lowball settlement offers from insurers. If you’ve been seriously injured in a truck crash in Chesterfield, Missouri, contact Kruse Law, a truck accident law firm today. Our truck accident lawyer can review your case, estimate the value of your claim, and hold all stakeholders accountable for your injuries and losses. With truck accident claims, multiple parties may be responsible—from truck companies, to truck drivers, to their insurers. Kruse Law is a truck accident lawyer in Chesterfield, Missouri who can help you seek damages from negligent and responsible parties.

Why Truck Accident Claims Can Be More Complex Than Passenger Vehicle Claims 

Truck accident claims can be more complicated than passenger vehicle personal injury claims for many reasons. For one, truck accidents can result in far more serious and disabling injuries, including wrongful death. This can mean that these claims can be higher value, and may face more pushback from truck companies, drivers, and their insurers. When companies and insurers have more to lose, they may hire teams of lawyers to protect their interests. This is why you might need a lawyer on your side to protect your rights as you navigate the sometimes complex claims process.

Truck companies are also required to abide by strict laws when it comes to driving and operating a truck on public roads. Truck drivers must follow strict hours of service laws that limit how long a driver can operate a truck in a given day. When drivers break the law or when companies require drivers to meet unreasonable schedules, fatigued drivers can get into crashes. Other laws govern the kind of licensure that drivers can hold, and the kinds of medical requirements that drivers must meet. Companies also have a responsibility to keep their trucks in working order, meaning trucks should be regularly inspected for defects. When a truck’s brakes or tires fail, the consequences can be far more serious. A truck brake failure can result in a runaway truck, and the loss of a tire can result in a truck driver losing control of his or her vehicle.

When truck companies break the law, cut corners, or fail to take proper precautions to protect drivers and the general public, accidents can happen. If you or a loved one were hurt in a truck accident in Chesterfield, Missouri, you may have the right to seek damages for your losses if a truck company was responsible for your injuries. Kruse Law is a truck accident lawyer Chesterfield, Missouri that may be able to help you seek justice from negligent truck companies and drivers.

Seek Justice for Truck Accident Injuries 

If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident in Chesterfield, Missouri, you may only have a limited amount of time to make a claim under the law. Truck companies that break the law or cut corners should be held accountable for their actions. One way that the trucking industry can be held accountable is when victims of truck accidents pursue claims for their losses. The trucking industry makes billions each year. Truck companies and insurers may have teams of lawyers representing their interests. If you or a loved one have been hurt in a truck accident, Kruse Law are truck accident lawyers who may be able to help you. Contact our firm today to learn more and to fight back. Our firm only gets paid if you win and we can provide you with a free initial consultation during which we can evaluate your claim and help you understand the next steps you can take.


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